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Into the Wild

Track Your Truth

Freedom Hearted

Impact Itinerary

Freedom Rising™ Experience
Hello! and Welcome to your Freedom Rising™ Program Guide.
Before we get started lets familiarize you with the layout below...
Firstly, you will find we've organized your itinerary in order of go and provided the content
summaries of each phase of your journey in a timeline format for your viewing pleasure.  
Secondly, in each content summary you will find what we like to call "The Big Three".  
Consider these your "rite of passage" as you progress through the tracks.  These 3 things are what you receive and take with you on your journey to authentic freedom.  You will start your journey undoubtedly "packing" some cumbersome baggage- which we will help you unpack :) and replace with only the necessary gear to ensure you're well equipped!  
Finally, please rendezvous with us at the bottom of the page where we have the recap of
what you get, rollout of rates, and where you get to SAY YES! and embark on this trek.  
We're so glad you're here!  Enjoy the guide!

The Journey Begins!

For any exploration to launch, you must first know your starting point. Together, we will explore where you are today... what’s working, what’s not. We’ll look at the beliefs and behaviors holding you back and causing you to live on autopilot.  We will uncover negative self-criticisms and self-sabotaging beliefs, and then coach you on new ways to respond.  You will start shifting thoughts and seeing your precious life with an expanded perspective and deeper clarity.... allowing you to move into a higher state of being.

The Big Three 

Into the wild


Week 1 - 6                   

3 x 60 min Transformative Coaching sessions

3 x Into the Wild Personal Discovery Assignments

Track Your Truth

Week 7 - 10                       

2 x 60 min Transformative Coaching sessions

2 x Track Your Truth Purpose and Vision Assignments


You are going to learn how to use your inner compass as a way back to your Higher self.  You will explore your unique gifts, skills, interests and find what brings you to life.  It is not enough to just exist.  You will align with the core of your being, reconnect with your values and highest goals, and prepare to manifest from a heart-centered focus.




                                                           The Big Three

Freedom Hearted
Week 11 - 14                   
2 x 60 min Coaching Sessions 
2 x Freedom Hearted Action Planning 

     You are now being guided by your inner wisdom and ready for conscious     creation!  We strategize and support you while your action planning evolves to impact your life and the lives of others.

With structure comes Freedom.

 You belong here. Freedom Rising.


                                            The Big Three

  This is the conservation effort  

   for your ONE 

  wild & precious life.

Your Journey


    Spend 14 weeks and connect

    with who you are & who you 

    want to be in this world.

          1:1 coaching calls x 7

          Freedom Rising™                             Discovery assignments x 7         

          Email & text coaching 

          support as needed 

          between sessions.


          Accountability with love.


          Optional ongoing support             to help you maintain &                   stay in tune with yourself! 

         Most importantly you get               to rediscover who you are,            reconnect to your purpose,           & recommit to your life!

The Button!

Your Journey


 Journey Rate:
  3 x Monthly Payments



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