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Courageosity [kur-ij-os-i-tee]

the curiosity and the courage to live your wild, precious life.

Indieglow.  Guiding individuals, teams and leaders to Freedom, Truth and Empowerment through Purpose.

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Are you ready to step into your power?

Into your Light?

And into your extraordinary life?

Indieglow   was created with the bold intention of making the world a better place by providing necessary tools for people to courageously live and lead.

We offer Coaching, Training, Experiential Learning and More to guide individuals, teams and leaders to live their highest good.


Live with Courageosity.   Love this Life.


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Signature Experiences

  Indieglow's trademark 14 week coaching program         that guides you through 3 key stages on a journey

  to personal empowerment and self transformation.




An equine guided coaching experience that brings
powerful insights through awareness, alignment and
action. Experience the magic of Equus and return home to yourself.

Find other offerings on our Services Page!


We declare ourselves sponsors of modern day adventurers and change agents. 
If you're ready for some brave hearted living then we're ready for you!
Coaching. Horses. Nature. Change. Curious?
Curiosity is the compass that leads us to our passions...

We are committed to making a difference and believe we all have a shared responsibility in caretaking for the future.  The wellbeing of the planet, the animals and our own are all connected.

We strive to support other causes that share this philosophy and hope to further the positive impact by spreading awareness.
Please take time to check out our Giving Back Page!

More Info
Insightful reads to spark your curiosity and other things we find cool. :) 
"I have no special talent, I am only passionately curious."
Albert Einstein
Explore on. 

We are Indieglow. 

 We are the Guardians of the Wild within each & every Heart.  

We connect people to their Freedom

by helping them live their Truth.

We exist to create more Love, Truth, Freedom, and Harmony

to positively impact the World.

Stay connected for updates on our offerings!

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