Our purpose: 

To support people who seek to make a difference

and in turn, create a better world. 


More inspired action = more positive impact = a happier healthier planet for all creatures great and small.   

Meet The Team

Co-Founder, Partner Powerhouse!

Authenticity Inspirer, Courageosity Campaigner

Play Instigator, Adventure Leader, Tribe Builder

Conservation Crusader, Safe Space Keeper 

 Southern Sweet Talker, Animal Charmer ;)

Co-Founder, Partner Extraordinaire ;) 

Impact Maker, Game Changer, People Encourager

Creative Soul, Shutterbug, Guardian of Goldens

Animal Advocate, Horse Magnet, Music Lover

Nature Protector, Shenanigans Starter


Goodwill Ambassador


Chief Resilience Officer


Director of Adventures & Mischief Operations


Heart Centered Luminary


Intuitive Soul Guide

(undercover Unicorn)

What's in the name

Indigo - The indigo color represents intuition, integrity and wisdom.  This color is also associated with service to Humanity.  


Indie - Most of you might recognize this term as an abbreviation for “Independent” and it is, but it also stands for….


I = inspired


D = determined

I = innovative

E = empowered


Glow - Because it doesn’t matter what it is, it’s automatically cool if it glows!   Seriously though, it’s about Inner Glow.