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Lead & Build

Lead & Build

Leadership Development


Leading in a time of information overload and continuous distraction, we often go on autopilot. We lead in a way that is familiar but may no longer be effective. We either play it safe or we are blindly unaware of the potential we have to impact our world.


Leadership is everyone’s business. It’s about liberating the leader within you and enabling others around you to achieve the extraordinary. 


If you transform the way you lead, everything around you transforms. In this world of increasing demands, constant change and distractions, it is the authentic leader we crave.


Indieglow coaches and facilitates leadership development in various learning environments to maximize knowledge, skill and behavior change. Utilizing proven leadership principals, services include private coaching, classroom training and experiential learning.



Team Building


"Genuine teamwork remains as elusive as it has ever been."

Patrick Lencioni, The Five Dysfunctions of a Team

When it comes to the best teams in the world, whether a pride of lions or in the business arena, they possess similar characteristics. Okay, lions and humans do have different characteristics (i.e. four legs vs. two, etc.) AND the lions are naturally more cohesive than people. Just sayin. 

High performing teams are an integral part of every high performing 

organization. Very few average or good teams make the leap to

greatness for courage and discipline are required, along with an 

understanding of team dynamics and adherence to required behaviors. Once established and maintained, a highly cohesive team becomes almost family like where people look forward to coming to work and making a difference. 

Indieglow coaches and facilitates teams in various learning environments to maximize knowledge, skill and behavior change.

Utilizing proven team building principals, services include private

coaching, classroom training and experiential learning.

Yep, you know what to do.


Chat with us to explore the possibilities. 

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