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Its really tempting to give you my corporate resume for I bought into the cultural story that success is based on performance and you should always pursue the next high achieving goal…climb the corporate them what you can do!   By that definition, I had a very successful career. 


While I climbed the corporate ladder and became the typical type ‘A’ businessperson, I knew something was missing. There was a hole in my heart and my soul had always whispered to me… “be who you are, not what they say you should be. Follow your passion, live on purpose, make a difference…touch the souls of others. You were created for a reason…believe, trust, be and allow.”

So after years of hearing, but not listening to that little voice, I finally accepted the message and recreated my life. This led me to Equus coaching…my first round pen experience with a horse, and my first life-changing lesson in authenticity and vulnerability. Here’s to being vulnerable and real...


Sonya Giffin

I’m a truth seeker and mischief maker (with a capital ‘M’). I’m a horse lover, dog lover, elephant lover, goat lover (you get the point) … total animal lover!  My spirit animal is most likely an Otter because they are full of playfulness and curiosity. 


Also, real, are the careers and coaching programs that have supported my journey and brought me along this far.  I’ve worked with start-up companies to Fortune 500 organizations.  

I now live based on inspired action. I pursue magic – I travel a path that brings me joy, fulfillment, and feels like play. My path combines my lifetime passion for animals and nature with my calling to serve.  In short, my calling with Indieglow is to facilitate healing in people through animals and nature so they, in turn, facilitate healing in the world.


Wait, was that short? .... Anyway, who wants to play?! I hope you join us!

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