Equus Coaching




Equus coaching is a powerful transformative experience that combines effective life coaching with nature's own intuitive healers - Horses.  
How?  Horses help us access part of ourselves we may have shut down - our essential self. They do this by helping us get out of our heads and into our bodies.  

Say Hello to You...

Your essential self is exactly this -
your True Nature.
 It is who you are no matter the customs and social conditionings of your culture.  Your essential self encompasses your  innate talents, tastes and desires. The catch is most of us have designed a life not on who we are essentially, but on the  "social self" - who we think we should be. As you can imagine, this often leads people to having a general dissatisfaction with life and difficulties maintaining healthy relationships  with others because there is a  major  disconnect  even  to  themselves.

An Equus coaching experience is a significant catalyst to coming to know your true nature.

Horses know only how to be who they are as nature intended, in balance and harmony. Therefore, they sense anything or anyone that is incongruent - meaning one's actions are not in alignment with one's feeling state. 
Horses give immediate feedback to your inner state- after all this level of knowingness of another's intent, energy, and presence has been key to their survival for centuries.  As such, they allow you to begin seeing what is essential to your wellbeing. In other words, they get to the heart of the matter 
When we move beyond social programming and return to the wisdom of our bodies, energy, and hearts, we awaken our true nature.  When we have alignment in our minds, bodies and hearts we have greater clarity of purpose and life becomes more joyful and meaningful.

Equus coaching is for everyone - No horse experience needed.

 whether you want to...






Equus coaching delivers all this and more

in a proven powerful practice -


 nurture you own wellbeing

enhance personal or professional relationships

learn to be a better leader or team player

honor your truth

connect with your inner power

Nature has a way of showing us how to embrace authenticity and to live fully immersed in the experience of life. If we choose to live in this way, we can
write our own story - the real page turner we were born to write.
Life is truly what we make it.

Come Home to yourself.