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We declare ourselves sponsors of modern day adventurers and change agents. 
If you're ready for some brave hearted living then we're ready for you!
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Coaching is the universal language of change and learning.
Individual Coaching (without a horse)
Coaching sessions are by phone. We start with a 90-minute coaching call to discuss your visions, aspirations, and any feels you'd like to share about life. ;)
Whatever is holding you back from living with courageosity, we'll tackle it...together. 
Please note that every client is different, and we'll meet you where you are, as you are... for example, if you are not sure about your vision or aspirations, we'll start there.

We recommend a three-month coaching package to dive in and make a difference. 

  • Six one-hour coaching sessions

  • Email support during business hours (M-F)

  • Accountability check-ins to keep the momentum 

  • Motivational assignments that move you toward your desired outcome

Individual Session

This option is for existing clients who no longer want ongoing regular calls and desire coaching on an as needed basis.  
  • One 60-minute coaching session
  • Email support for one week after coaching call
Equus Coaching (with horses - yay!)
Equus Coaching supports you and your purpose. In partnership with a horse, an Equus session guides you into a higher level of self-awareness and understanding of what is essential for you to live your authentic best life. 
Why horses? Horses are remarkable for their ability to give clear, direct and rapid feedback on what's working (or not) in your life.  
Let the magic of Equus coaching teach you how to reconnect with yourself to live a more abundant and meaningful life. 

Equus and Phone Coaching Combination (solo or with your peeps)

  • Pre-work 

  • Discovery and Intention Setting Session - 60 minutes via phone

  • Two or Four Hour Equus Session with horses (and us!)

  • Application and Integration Session - 60 minutes via phone 

Equus Only

  • Two Hour Session 

  • Four Hour Session 

  • Six Hour Session


(with or without peeps too!)
Experience Equus

Unsure if Equus coaching is right for you? Contact us and we'll figure it out! For more info click the easy button

Equus Coaching
Team Building
Team Building
"Genuine teamwork remains as elusive as it has ever been."
                          Patrick Lencioni, The Five Dysfunctions of a Team
When it comes to the best teams in the world, whether a pride of lions or in the business arena, they possess similar characteristics. Okay, lions and humans do have different characteristics (i.e. four legs vs. two, etc.) AND the lions are naturally more cohesive than people. Just sayin. 
High performing teams are an integral part of every high performing 
organization. Very few average or good teams make the leap to
greatness for courage and discipline are required, along with an 
understanding of team dynamics and adherence to required behaviors. Once established and maintained, a highly cohesive team becomes almost family like where people look forward to coming to work and making a difference. 
Indieglow coaches, trains and facilitates teams in various learning environments to maximize knowledge, skill and behavior change.
Utilizing proven team building principals, services include private
coaching, classroom training and experiential learning.
Ready for your team to become high performing? Yep, you know what to do. Chat with us to explore the possibilities. 
Leadership Development


Leading in a time of information overload and continuous distraction, we often go on autopilot. We lead in a way that is familiar, but may no longer be effective. We either play it safe or we are blindly unaware of the potential we have to impact our world.


Leadership is everyone’s business. It’s about liberating the leader within you and enabling others around you to achieve the extraordinary. 

If you transform the way you lead, everything around you transforms. In this world of increasing demands, constant change and distractions, it is the authentic leader we crave.
Indieglow coaches, trains and facilitates leadership development in various learning environments to maximize knowledge, skill and behavior change. Utilizing proven leadership principals, services include private coaching, classroom training and experiential learning.
Want to know more? You know what to do.... contact us!
Workshops & Retreats
Equus Workshops and Retreats
We love (did we say LOVE?!) to facilitate Equus workshops and other Epic retreats.  Click here to see what's coming up!!
Why thank you for asking! Give us a call and let's figure it out together.
Speaking Gigs
You have ears, we have mouths....what a lovely combination. Just kidding!
Indieglow brings personal growth, leadership development and team building to life for a variety of audiences. Research shows that learning is at its highest when people are having fun. Our goal is to engage, entertain and inspire audiences while providing insights, education and implementation suggestions. 
To further engage the audience and present the topic from a unique and applicable perspective we share stories and relevant examples from our background and experiences (wild mustangs, elephants, lions, gorillas, etc.)
Contacts us to find out more. (You knew that was coming).
Speaking Gigs
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