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This Is Indieglow
What's in a name?
Let's break it down! We like to make up words....So we did :)
Indieglow = Indigo + Indie + Glow

Indigo - The indigo color represents intuition, integrity and wisdom.  This color is also associated with service to Humanity.  Go us!  (Just kidding)... But maybe not


Indie - Most of you might recognize this term as an abbreviation for “Independent” and it is, but it also stands for….


I = inspired

N = nontraditional

D = determined

I = innovative

E = empowered


Glow - Because it doesn’t matter what it is, it’s automatically cool if it glows!  Unless it’s nuclear, atomic, or …. (we digress).  Seriously though, it’s about Inner Glow. 


Our purpose:  To support people who seek to make a difference and in turn, create a better world. 


More inspired action = more positive impact = a happier healthier planet for all creatures great and small.   

Indie Manifesto.png
The Team
Our Special Unicorn "Anakin" :)

more of our 4 legged team

coming soon!

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